Day 311: Two Ships

A late afternoon ferry heads from Seattle to one of the outlying islands.

A late afternoon heads from Seattle to one of the outlying islands.

The air, water and sunsets are very different here in Seattle than they were in Shanghai. The air is fresh and is filled with the smell of the sea and the sun throws of the most vibrant pinks and oranges imaginable, not once or twice a year, like I experienced in Shanghai, but on most any day that isn’t raining.

Day 294*: I Want You

Day 294

it is 2 PM on Tuesday and a group of men sit on a bare mattress and play cards in this neighborhood south of the Bund. In the makeshift structures to the left other men sleep. The old neighborhoods are disappearing rapidly and most residents have been relocated to modern apartments with indoor kitchens and bathrooms, something lacking in these old homes. But not everyone is gone; some are elderly long-time residents who don’t want to leave the [place that is home, but many are migrants from rural China, drawn to Shanghai for work tearing down old neighborhoods and building the luxury, high-rise condos that are displacing them. Catch 44.

*There are large gaps in the 365-Photo-Project, but the exist online only. I have thousands of pictures, shot every day, but Adobe Lightroom 5 crashed disrupted my workflow.I’m unable to import and process my pictures as I have been doing. I’m trying various work arounds, none ideal. I am slowly working to process the pictures to fill the gap (between 252 and today).

Day 234: Take Me Home

At the end of a long day riders wait for a bus home.

At the end of a long day riders wait for a bus home.

I have yet to ride a Shanghai bus, preferring the clear, direct route of a metro train, or a taxi, but for many of Shanghai’s residents public buses are a staple of daily life. Buses are often crowded, drivers operate their vehicles like they are embedded in Grand Theft Auto and the recent decision to added emergency hammers (to shatter bus windows for an escape) to deal with a rash of on-board arson (jilted lovers and disgruntled employees bringing flammable fluids on-board and igniting the containers in the midst of a crowded bus) has convinced me that a bus ride may be one China experience that I choose to skip.

Day Ninety-Three: Shutterbug

An elderly man takes a break from his bike ride to shoot some pictures along the Huangpu River.

An elderly man takes a break from his bike ride to shoot some pictures along the Huangpu River.

Sunny, warm, and reasonably clean air found me out walking the Lujiazui area of Pudong, this afternoon. On the north side of the bend I saw this gentleman dismount his bicycle and begin to take pictures of the skyline north of The Bund.

Judging from his backpack and the seat on his bicycle he appears to be a grandfather, although I didn’t see his grandchild in the vicinity. In China, grandparents, whether they like it or not,  are the free childcare, taking the children to and from school, while the parents are at work. This man saw my camera and  started a conversation, but my complete lack of language skills forced me to rely on the universal language–not English, but a smile.  He just shook his head at the laowai and smile back.

Day Seventy-One: Homebound

Shanghai on a rainy day

Shanghai on a rainy day

After a clear, sunny day, yesterday, with an AQI hovering just under 200, today broke overcast and wet, scrubbing the air to an acceptable AQI of 70. Despite the fresh air, the cool, wet weather kept me from wanting to wander the streets of Shanghai shooting pictures. This shot, was taken from an open window in our living room. The compass rose in the foreground is where the women gather for early morning Tai Chi; straight to the right of it is the clubhouse, gym and wave pool. In the midground, the low, blue-roofed structures are the on site dormitories for the construction workers building the luxury apartment towers visible in the upper left corner of the frame. Directly across the river is an area known as the Cool Docks, a reclaimed warehouse district updated with restaurants and boutiques. The Bund, to the right, is shrouded in clouds (not smog) today.