El Nino 2015

Sun sets over Elliott Bay

Sun sets over Elliott Bay

The El Nino weather system that is sending the Siberian Express rumbling through the Midwest and Southern United States and bringing Nor’easter to New York, Boston and the New England is also bringing unseasonable warm weather and clear skies to the Pacific Northwest. We have lived in Seattle for 3 of the past 4 years, with a year off in Shanghai, and this is the mildest winter of all. For my friends and family in the South, the Midwest and the Northeast, sorry. Come visit.

Ride Home

Evening commute.

Evening commute.

Winter in Seattle provides a great variety of weather from sunshine and blue skies to thick fog and heavy rains, sometimes all during the same day, sometimes all at the same time. Never a dull moment.

Day 311: Two Ships

A late afternoon ferry heads from Seattle to one of the outlying islands.

A late afternoon heads from Seattle to one of the outlying islands.

The air, water and sunsets are very different here in Seattle than they were in Shanghai. The air is fresh and is filled with the smell of the sea and the sun throws of the most vibrant pinks and oranges imaginable, not once or twice a year, like I experienced in Shanghai, but on most any day that isn’t raining.

Day 310: Slowdown

Tanker anchored in Edwards bay.

A slowdown by the longshoreman’s union has resulted in a back up at Seattle’s harbor. A tugboat is tethered to an anchored Tanker in Elliott Bay.

The temporary housing we have been assigned is in our old neighborhood of Lower Queen Anne and we are enjoying getting re-acclimated to Seattle; shopping at the same Safeway and getting our prescriptions at the familiar Bartell Drugs, buying fresh flowers at the Pike Street Market and walking the dog in Myrtle Edwards Park. There is comfort in the familiar. We’ve decide this is the neighborhood we want to live in and have narrowed our search to 3 or 4 buildings, all within a couple of blocks of each other. It’s home. Again.

Day 213: Hong Kong

Victoria Harbor looking Southwest over the Central District Ferry docks.

Victoria Harbor looking Southwest over the Central District Ferry docks.

We flew to Hong Kong for a couple of days because James had to leave China before his 30-day visa expired; Hong Kong is now my favorite Chinese city!

Day 206: Shanghai Aglow!

Day 206 A long gray winter and a spring spent in the USA meant that I have witnessed very few Shanghai sunsets. From November on the sky resembled the fifty shades of gray that is my wardrobe, light, dark and medium. After the Plum Rains finally came to an end the sky finally developed some color and texture. This particular night has been the best, so far.