Day 225: Entrepreneurial

Curbside recycling center, Pudong

Curbside recycling center, Pudong

The people in China are the most entrepreneurial folks I’ve ever met; whether creating a restaurant from a wok, a steam table and 4 plastic stools, or setting up a shoe repair / key-making operation with pirated electricity from an overhead escalator, or starting a recycling business on a busy downtown street corner with a scale, some shrink wrap and a hand cart, Chinese citizens are willing to work long hours under less than ideal conditions in order to earn a living. As in any country, the people willing to do these jobs are often migrants, shut-off from other avenues of employment, who, of necessity, strike out on the path of self-employment and freelance work.

Day 205: Out With the Old

Old neighborhoods are dismantled to make room for the "new" Shanghai

Old neighborhoods are dismantled to make room for the “new” Shanghai

The old neighborhoods that made up the Puxi side of Shanghai–Old Shanghai– are being systematically dismantled, replaced with soaring concrete and steel building that house international corporations, wealthy Chinese citizens and Expats, and uber-luxury boutiques. The residents, mainly the elderly and migrant workers are displaced. If they are Shanghai Hukou then they will receive compensation for the relocation, if they are migrants, lacking the household registration required by law (Hukou) then they are simply displaced.