Day Seventy-seven: Fishing

Fisherman, using a spear, stalks his prey.

Fisherman using a spear hunts his prey.

Shanghai’s warm spell is in its fourth day and temperatures climbed into the mid-70’s bringing out flowers and fishermen. An afternoon walk down some previously untraveled streets brought me to Tangqiao Park, a 40,000 square meter green space with a 13,000 square meter lake. The lake is connected to Zhangjiabang Creek, a tributary of the Huangpu River and is popular with local fisherman. The most common form of fishing is with a 18′ long pole and a bobber, but I saw half a dozen people stringing nets across the creek. The man in the picture was the only person I saw using a spear to fish; in 20 minutes of observation he tossed his spear a few times without piercing anything. After shooting a few pictures I hurried home, got my fly rod and gear and rode my bike back to the park. I worked my way around the lake with a dry fly before switching to a bead head nymph and fishing the creek. I didn’t land any fish, but casting a fly in Shanghai on a warm, sunny (polluted–AQI 194) day was reward enough.