Day 317: Waiting for Shanghai

Freighters anchor in Elliott Bay waiting for an end to a dock workers' slowdown.

Freighters anchor in Elliott Bay waiting for an end to a dock workers’ slowdown.

And still we wait. Our possessions were shipped from Shanghai back in early October, but a slowdown by dock workers here in the USA has caused a backlog of freight that remains on the docks, or on ship that have yet to be unloaded. We are scheduled to move out of temporary housing and into our new apartment on December 1st, but may have to extend our temporary stay while we wait for pots and pans and towels and lamps and furniture.

Day 302: This is the End

A final walk through a doomed neighborhood.

A final walk through a doomed neighborhood.

I can hear a sad, old jazz melody playing in my head as I write this; 15 hours until I leave China for the final time. It has been a great 14 months, eye-opening, mind-changing, rewarding and energizing. I’m grateful to my wonderful wife for providing this opportunity and I’m looking forward to the next chapter. Zài jiàn. 再見/再见

Day 294*: I Want You

Day 294

it is 2 PM on Tuesday and a group of men sit on a bare mattress and play cards in this neighborhood south of the Bund. In the makeshift structures to the left other men sleep. The old neighborhoods are disappearing rapidly and most residents have been relocated to modern apartments with indoor kitchens and bathrooms, something lacking in these old homes. But not everyone is gone; some are elderly long-time residents who don’t want to leave the [place that is home, but many are migrants from rural China, drawn to Shanghai for work tearing down old neighborhoods and building the luxury, high-rise condos that are displacing them. Catch 44.

*There are large gaps in the 365-Photo-Project, but the exist online only. I have thousands of pictures, shot every day, but Adobe Lightroom 5 crashed disrupted my workflow.I’m unable to import and process my pictures as I have been doing. I’m trying various work arounds, none ideal. I am slowly working to process the pictures to fill the gap (between 252 and today).