Day Eighty-Three: Buddha & Bonsai

Buddha and Bonsai

Buddha and Bonsai

“To him in whom love dwells, the whole world is but one family.”

Some days it’s good to just lie low. After a weekend spent walking around Pudong in the sunshine and warmth, I didn’t leave the apartment, despite another warm, sunny day, until taking a short trip to the grocery, at 8 PM.

Mandarin lessons in the morning and a couple of hours of online research ate up the day, which made picking a subject for today’s picture a challenge, until I noticed how the Ayi had arranged the Buddha and the bonsai on the corner cabinet; late afternoon window light provided the illumination.

Day Eighty-Two: Bonsai

Flower Market at the Green Garden, Pudong, Shanghai

Checking out terrariums at the Green Garden Flower Market, Pudong, Shanghai

The continued sunshine and warm weather had people out roaming the streets and parks yet again, today, and we were no different, walking to a local flower market looking for some houseplants and cut flowers. The market, on Pujian Lu, has a good selection of flowering outdoor plants, outdoor fountains, bonsai’s –from small 6″ desktop plants to massive 5′┬átall trees– bunches of cut flowers, bouquets, terrariums, goldfish, aquariums, rabbits and rats. And that’s just on the first level! Upstairs there are furniture dealers, art shops–some good, some bad–jade dealers and a couple of snooker parlors. We walked home with a bouquet, a terrarium and 14″ tall bonsai tree.