Seattle To Shanghai And Back Again

We did it! After a little bit more than a year back in the United States, we culled through the combined posts from this blog and my wife’s blog, as well as a few thousand photographs, and have published a book documenting our time living in Shanghai. It is available from Blurb as both an eBook for the iPad, or as a 6″ x 9″ softcover book.

Seattle To Shanghai, And Back Again
Seattle To Sha…
Our Year As Expats
By Melinda L. Hoyt, T…
Photo book

5 thoughts on “Seattle To Shanghai And Back Again

    • Florine, Prices are on the link: eBook for iPad is $9.99, Kindle has 2 versions, both $9.99; one for Kindle Fire tablets and iPads with Kindle reading app (allows book format to mirror the printed version) and the other Kindle version for eInk Kindle readers (is “reflowable, it does not maintain printed book format or picture alignment). The printed book price ( 6″ x 9”, 438 pp, full color) is $35.00

  1. Wonderful preview. Can’t wait to see the entire book. Are you sending mom one.She will. Love it. And. I’m having a hard time keeping her in word search books, she goes through the her favorite series faster than they punish new ones. She is on volume 11.

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