Day 232: Egghead

On the inside looking out

On the inside looking out

Egghead Bagel is one of our favorite little restaurants in Shanghai; located on the tree lined street of Shanxi Bei Lu, in the Jing’An District it is a slice of NYC- actually two slices of the “doughy, fresh-baked bread we all love” that defines, for me, New York City. The bagels here are better than any I’ve ever eaten in Seattle, or Boise, or Peoria. Small and cozy, it seats perhaps two dozen inside and, on a nice day, another half-dozen outside. I must admit that my experience with the menu is limited because whenever I go I’m drawn to the excellent omelets and other all-day-breakfast fare and the fresh-squeezed juices.

2 thoughts on “Day 232: Egghead

  1. TKG, Sounds like a trip advisor review that I would write.
    I’m still enjoying your blog. I owe you an email

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