Day 227: Buckets of Rain

Coming down in buckets

Coming down in buckets

Shanghai is experiencing the coolest and wettest summer in 14 years; we had a week of 95 F with 80% humidity (and 106 degree heat index) and that was enough for me, I’ll take wet and (relatively) cool (80 F). One thing about dealing with the rain in Shanghai you not only need an umbrella for outside, but in many buildings you need buckets for the inside. Waterproof building practices don’t seem to be a priority here in China and many new buildings, those with fancy architectural flourishes, seem to struggle with keeping the rain out. Extensive use of glass makes the buildings look modern, but upon closer inspection you are likely to notice significant water damage to areas around the glass walls and ceilings. Repairing the faulty seals isn’t really a priority either judging by the buckets and ‘Slippery when Wet’ signs I see repeatedly deployed in the same locations. In our building, nit only is their water damage to the lobby ceiling, but the exterior glass canopy appears to be sloped incorrectly and the water floods off one section, thus the bucket–outside in the rain–to catch the “excess” water. Remind me to never get on a Chinese submarine.

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