Day 196: Tao

Spirituality is hard work.

Spirituality is hard work.

A young Taoist priest is napping instead of copying calligraphy from the book under his elbow. I have been told by friends that some of the ‘priests’ are just young people paid to dress up as priests. Regardless, this young man could not seem to keep his head off of the desk for more than a few seconds at a time as the busy lunch hour crowds streamed through the Old City God Temple of Shanghai. Located adjacent to YuYuan Garden, “The popularity of the temple also led to many businesses being set up in the area, turning the surrounding streets into a busy marketplace.”

4 thoughts on “Day 196: Tao

    • Tom, agreed. Many of the menial jobs here, security guards, parking attendants, public bathroom attendants– and there are millions of them– have a very high percentage of on the job sleepers. Boredom is universal.

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