Day 159: Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

“I see a red door and I want it painted black”– The Rolling Stones.
We’re in!
This post is (many) a day late, I wrote it this morning, but it didn’t upload before we went to Pioneer Title and signed away the next fifteen years of out lives, by the time I got home it had vanished from my computer (and all the witty things I’d written were gone forever!) Special thanks to Brooke Seidl and Melissa Galli- Group One Real Estate for their patience as Melinda Hoyt and I conducted a prolonged, long distance property search. Brooke Seidl helped us get the right house. Another shout out to Jimmy McAndrew of Wells Fargo for once again delivering on time, as promised.
I actually got access to the house a day before we signed and got to work painting and sealing up the front porch of out 1912 cottage. Today, I refinished the wood floors in the living room and front bedroom. Tomorrow, a topcoat on the floors and starting a top to bottom cleaning of the entire place so I’m ready for our furniture to be delivered on Monday. We will be renting the cottage for weekends and weeks via VRBO, so if you know of anyone looking for a cute place in a great location send me a DM. Pictures and a link will post once all the work is finished. — at Hyde Park Cottage

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