Day 148: Discovery!

Exploring the garage, finding hidden treasures.

Exploring the garage, finding hidden treasures.

Last year, March 2013, Hannah Sharp and Mike Sharp moved into a house on the Bench, in Boise, Idaho. At the time, Melinda Hoyt and I had just returned from 4 months in NYC and were in the process of moving (again) from a great 3-bedroom house up the street from Ravenna Third Place Books, to an 800 square foot apartment in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle; we took the contents of that 1600 (plus basement and garage) square foot house and packed them onto a truck, drove them to Boise and off-loaded them into the two-car garage at Hannah and Mike’s house.
For the past two days I have been sorting through the various boxes, about half of which are mislabeled (leftover from previous moves) to figure out what we can use in the our new Hyde Park cottage, what should remain in storage (i found Hannah’s original birth certificate and an ultrasound image of her, too) and what we’ll sell at a garage sale (single bed with two under bed drawers and mattress and a large, rectangular, pine dining table w/ 6 chairs –from Pier One, in Coeur d’Alene). Hopefully, after today, there will be enough room for at least one car in the garage. —

One thought on “Day 148: Discovery!

  1. Room for one car in the garage! A goal to which every empty nester aspires!
    What is the Chinese equivalent?

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