Day 137: Boise at Night

Idaho State Capitol at Night

Idaho State Capitol at Night

Nighttime wandering around Boise. At 10 PM the streets are considerably less busy than New York, or Shanghai, but I did have two very pleasant conversations with strangers, something that I wouldn’t necessary do in the other two cities. Twice I was approached as I bent over my camera and adjusted the mini tripod I was using for these 1 second exposures; the first time a group of three men, asked what I was doing, we talked, two were from China, one from Singapore and they were greatly amused that I lived in Shanghai. One man, from Chengdu, said he had lived in Shanghai for 5 years and he thought that “the quality of life” was much better here in Boise. Another couple approached as I set up a shot of The Grove and asked where I was from–not many people in Boise wear black jeans, black sweater and black PLA hat with a red star. Anyone who knows me knows that the answer to ‘Where are you from?” is not a short answer. 😉

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