Day 112: Clouds

Clouds pass over Seattle.

Clouds pass over Seattle.

We moved from Seattle to Shanghai and had to adjust to life in a massive city of 24 million people after two years in a city of 608,000. But cities, regardless of their size, are all basically the same urban environment; Just like big dogs and little dogs are all dogs. The biggest difference we’ve had to adjust to is the environment, specifically the air. Seattle may often have gray skies because of clouds bringing rain, but when the rain ends, the skies are a deep blue populated by great, big puffy clouds. The sky changes from day-to-day and even from hour-to-hour. In Shanghai the sky hardly ever changes. It’s a dull gray. Every day. Day after day. Now that can’t be you say, surely the sun shines, right? Yes, you’re right, the sun does shine on occasion. On sunny days, the sky is a light, hazy gray.

2 thoughts on “Day 112: Clouds

  1. Thom, your photography makes clear the difference between a photographer and just a guy with a camera. Beautiful stuff!

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