Day Ninety-Four: Grace II

Give us this day our daily bread

Give us this day our daily bread

I have just entered the fourth month of the picture-a-day photography project I challenged myself to undertake, this year, and in addition to helping me develop some much needed discipline, it has had the added benefit of making me a more intentional photographer; some days that translates into my choosing a topic before I pick-up a camera and then going out and finding the shot I want for that topic, other days it manifests itself when I see something during my day that reminds me of a classic picture, or artist.

That’s what happened today when I left the chiropractor’s office on Nanjing Xi Lu; I exited through the back of the building where the driveway borders a local neighborhood. It was a warm, sunny morning and the windows in the apartment building across the street were open letting in much needed fresh air (if the air in Shanghai can ever be considered fresh). I spotted this man sitting in the window, smoking a cigarette and reading a book. Instantly my mind thought of this image from my childhood.  All these years I was under the impression that it was a painting, but I researched the image and learned that it is a hand-colored, black and white photograph.

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