Day Ninety-Five: Looking Back

Hipster in the rear view.

Hipster in the rear view.

Shanghai’s air pollution is having an impact on Melinda’s lungs; a cold contracted back in March turned into bronchitis that has lingered despite antibiotic treatment. Today, we visited the Parkway Medical Specialty & Inpatient Center in Xintiandi where a chest x-ray revealed some lasting congestion in the lungs and some irritation to he breathing pathways. We left the hospital with a stronger antibiotic, an inhaler and an anti-inflammatory. Soldiering on despite an AQI in the unhealthy range, we headed out to locate Sumerian cafe to get a Nitro coffee– a cold coffee with a nitrous oxide injection.

As is typical for us, we had a general idea of where the coffee shop was, but no detailed route, we just headed west, northwest. Along the way we stumbled upon two largely uninhabited parks  and avoided the main streets, choosing instead to walk the more intimate local streets lined with small boutiques. In one, Melinda found a red stone bead necklace. I waited outside–the shop was barely 7 feet x 10 feet — and watched hipsters and surf dudes pass by.

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