Day Ninety-Two: The Wild One

"Biker" checks out woman waiting to cross the street.

“Biker” checks out woman waiting to cross the street.

This one makes me laugh. I was walking home from Starbucks when the man on the motor scooter caught my eye. First of all, he was riding into oncoming traffic, on the wrong side of the 6 lane street and, secondly, he was wearing a motorcycle helmet. Nobody wears a motorcycle helmet in Shanghai. As I crossed in front of him he was staring blankly into the sky, lost in thought. He had a wizened face and I wanted to stick my camera right into it and shoot his portrait, but I’m not that bold. Once I got on the sidewalk I stopped, hoping to get a shot of this guy. Just as I turned with my camera a woman stopped next to this guy and started talking on her phone. His unabashed stare lasted for three frames, this one was the best.

2 thoughts on “Day Ninety-Two: The Wild One

  1. Hi! My family and I are here for a few months for a short-term assignment with my husband’s job – just arrived last week. I really enjoy your blog. I like that your daily pictures show a slice of life in Shanghai, and I’ve noted many of the places you’ve mentioned as places I’d like to visit in the coming months. Thanks for sharing your perspective!

    • Jessica, thank you very much for commenting, it’s nice to know that people are getting something from the blog. Slice of life is my intention, I’m glad it comes through. My wife and I have been here 6 months and it already feels like home;. Enjoy your time in Shanghai

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