Day Ninety-One: AP Market aka Fake Market

Bag? Watch? Good price!

Bag? Watch? Good price!

The AP Market is an underground market–literally, it’s underneath Century Park, adjacent to the #2 Metro line, in Pudong–and it offers all sorts of merchandise from knock-off Hunter boots, La Liga soccer jerseys, Converse All*Stars, TOMs, designer watches, jade, prescription eyeglasses, designer handbags and custom made shirts, suits, dresses and coats.

I stopped in here, today, while out on a bike ride (testing a route tracker app for my Windows phone).  Walking down the halls lined with shops, the merchants that aren’t catching a nap, or immersed in their smartphones, hawk their goods,  calling out for you to “take a look.”  The shops that sell purses all seem to have a secret room behind a display wall where they keep “the good stuff.”  Watch sellers keep the illegal knock-offs, like Omega and  Rolex, hidden away at a separate location and will run of to fetch them for you, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask.

Today, I was looking for a NY Mets baseball hat to replace the one that is packed away in storage back in the USA.  I was hoping to get the authentic on field cap in blue, to match the Tom Seaver HOF Jersey I bought last week (180 RMB, ($29 USD),  but despite checking out hundreds of vendors I only located two who even had Mets hats and both of them carried the alternate black cap. I bought the cap for 80 RMB ($13 USD)

While I don’t condone copyright infringement, or counterfeit products (when I’m living in the USA), both practices are  pretty difficult to avoid here in China. (I’m watching a DVD of House of Cards  season 2 –$2 USD for complete season–as I write this)

4 thoughts on “Day Ninety-One: AP Market aka Fake Market

  1. Thom,
    I can go to Lids and get you a Mets hat. Would you have to pay taxes if I sent it to you?
    Will had to buy a Mets hat when we were in NYC. Times Square Lids. Blue and Orange

    • Thanks, but I have doubts as to whether anything would make it through the China Post. I’m back in the States, April 20th through Memorial Day, Seattle, NYC and Boise, I’ll grab one there.

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