Day Eighty-One: Pumped Up Kicks

In step

In Sync

Spring has broken out in Shanghai: the sun is shining, temperatures are climbing and trees are blooming. Walking from our apartment toCentury Park we pass fishermen with poles, nets,and spears–no shit! 12 foot long bamboo poles with a 6-pronged barbed tips –lining the shores of Zhangjiabang Creek right alongside the “No Fishing” signs. In the park badminton players are slapping birdies back and forth, couples are cruising the lake in pedal boats, or riding around the park in side-by-side tandem bicycles and pedal-powered, 6-seater sightseeing cars.

One all to common sight is young couples strolling through the park, hand-in-hand and dressed in matching outfits, some from head-to-toe. Today, we witnessed no less than 5 couples dressed identically–probably a holdover from going through public school in identical uniforms, or working at the mall dressed in the same uniform as your co-worker s. Or maybe it’s a remnant of the Mao era when every person wore a blue Mao Suit. This couple not only dressed alike, they walked in sync, too.

2 thoughts on “Day Eighty-One: Pumped Up Kicks

  1. Good story title. I’m still not seeing pictures come through in the email previews I receive.

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