Day Seventy-eight: Future

Day Seventy-eight-7419

Woman walks home past an advertisement for a luxury apartment development

A cool, wet day keep my camera indoors all day and it took a great effort to haul it out around 9 PM and look for a shot, but I wasn’t about to drop the ball 78 days into this 365 day challenge. Shanghai’s real estate boom continues and luxury apartments, constructed by unskilled migrant workers who live on site, but will be forced out and their dormitories dismantled once the wealthy purchase the apartments. The poorly paid construction workers will be replaced by poorly paid novice real estate agents standing on street corners distributing flyers, desperate to sell a unit in one of the new buildings. Many of the units will be purchased by out-of-town investors who will never witness the views that are being advertised, but simply add the apartments to their portfolio. Until the bubble pops.

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