Day Seventy-One: Homebound

Shanghai on a rainy day

Shanghai on a rainy day

After a clear, sunny day, yesterday, with an AQI hovering just under 200, today broke overcast and wet, scrubbing the air to an acceptable AQI of 70. Despite the fresh air, the cool, wet weather kept me from wanting to wander the streets of Shanghai shooting pictures. This shot, was taken from an open window in our living room. The compass rose in the foreground is where the women gather for early morning Tai Chi; straight to the right of it is the clubhouse, gym and wave pool. In the midground, the low, blue-roofed structures are the on site dormitories for the construction workers building the luxury apartment towers visible in the upper left corner of the frame. Directly across the river is an area known as the Cool Docks, a reclaimed warehouse district updated with restaurants and boutiques. The Bund, to the right, is shrouded in clouds (not smog) today.

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