Day Sixty-two: I Don’t Like Spiders and Snakes…

A "Hazardous" AQI of 358 doesn't stop tourists from strolling the  Dong'An Men Dajie

A “Hazardous” AQI of 358 doesn’t stop tourists from strolling the Dong’An Men Dajie

Dong’anmen Dajie is the street that houses the Donghuamen Night Market, a unique collection of exotic food stalls where you can get grilled scorpion-on-a-stick, crickets-on-a-stick, sheep-penis-on-a-stick, starfish-on-a-stick  and a whole host of bugs, slugs and squiggly things-on-a-stick. Some still wriggling before they hit the grill.  I squeezed through these narrow lanes, one night back in October, but the crowds were so thick I get a little claustrophobic and bailed. Today, I went during the middle of the afternoon to avoid the crowds, but the nuclear winter sky of a hazardous AQI blotted out the sun and gave the impression of end of day, or, if you’re the pessimistic sort, end of world. If I can convince Melinda to accompany me one evening I plan on returning and trying something-on-a-stick, as long as it is crunchy and grilled. Stay tuned.

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