Day Sixty:

Better English, Better Life

Better English, Better Life

Everyone in China is striving for a better life. Rural citizens migrate to eastern cities in search of jobs and young people seek education as a way to improve the life into which they were born. Speaking English can get you a better job and speaking English well can get you a good job. A company called Wall Street English , according to their website “the world’s leading provider of adult English language training”  is everywhere I look. These three young people are standing in the cold and rain soliciting passers-by to enroll in a WSE course.

While China advances in many areas, one area in which the lag behind the west is marketing.  Real estate offices are open 9am – 9pm with rows upon rows of black suited employees cold calling, or else the salespeople are standing in clusters outside upscale housing compounds handing out listing sheets to anyone who walks past. It isn’t targeted marketing and success in closing a sale is rare, but marketing with Chinese characteristics appears to be simply a matter of throwing large numbers of people at a situation and picking up a occassional success.

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