Day Fifty-eight: Pucheng Lu Merchants

Ribs and a Rub.

Ribs and a Rub.

The rain took a break, last night, so I took the long way to the grocery store to increase my options on today’s photo. This series of small businesses, a BBQ joint, a Massage Parlor and another BBQ joint; basically all flesh merchants. This massage parlor is of the “rub and a tug” variety, or the “happy ending” massage as it is also known. Despite the government’s repeated vows and occasional high-profile raids, prostitution is widespread in all parts of China. The crackdowns seem geared more towards resupplying the factory labor pool–a person charged with prostitution can be detained in a “work camp” for up to two years– than they are towards ending prostitution. The rule of thumb is, if you see young women in miniskirts sitting in the front window, smiling and waving at passers-by then their skill is not going to be primarily in massage. Be safe out there.

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