Day Fifty-five: Rain

Rainy Monday in Shanghai

Rainy Monday in Shanghai

Rain is normally a good way to clean the smog that coats Shanghai’s skies, but today’s light drizzle did little to improve upon the “Unhealthy” air that is choking the city; AQI improved slightly between 3 pm – 5 pm, but PM 2.5 levels began to rise again by the 6 pm reading. I suppose we should be grateful, while we deal with “Unhealthy” readings in the 150 – 180 range, Beijing is slammed with “Hazardous” AQI readings between 400-500.
Neither air pollution, nor rain stops the Shanghainese from going about their business; fruit vendors duck under the rear hatch of their vans and scooter riders break out the ubiquitous poncho that covers the front basket of their vehicle, keeping their bags and purses dry (kinda).

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