Day Fifty-three: Chillin’

Taking a break on The Bund

A bike rider takes a break on a beautiful springlike afternoon on The Bund.

Despite an improvement in AQI from the previous day–air quality went from “Very Unhealthy” (borderline “Hazardous”) to just beyond “Acceptable”– the rider is masked against particulates. With clear, dry skies and warming temps, The Bund was filled with families, couples and tourists. Melinda and I ferried over from Pudong to walk the riverfront before heading over to the Kerry Jing’an for some shopping. We bought coffee from Cafe Volcan,one of the vendors set up at the Kerry; the woman recognized Melinda from one of our earlier visits to her shop. When it was time to pay she said, “It’s 80 RMB, but I will only charge you 40 RMB because you (Melinda) wrote a nice story about our shop.” I guess we are assimilating into the community.

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