Day Forty-five: Time

Phototronics camera repair shop, Seattle, WA

Phototronics camera repair shop, Seattle, WA

Keeping the picture-a-day project on track is a bit more challenging on some days; those days require some latitude as I allow myself to stray a bit from the overall theme I’ve set of a “person and place.” And the more I think about the more I’m beginning to believe that I don’t photograph people, places and things, but rather I take pictures of time, tiny little slices of time, suspended in the eternity of pixels, always available to look upon to see what it was like a that precise moment. I photograph time.
Yesterday was one of those days. I had a package to mail to Poland, but FedEx wanted $200 USD, the first Post Office was closed and I had to walk south to find one where I could mail the package. I then had to head north to South Lake Union to retrieve my broken Canon 28mm lens that I had been using exclusively for this project (the past few days, after the lens broke I used my 50mm). The shop could repair the broken AF control, but not before I left for China. Shipping electronics to China is a nightmare (customs and import duties up to 50%)that neither I, nor the shop wanted to attempt. While waiting for my lens to be retrieved, I shot this picture of the behind the counter display at Phototronics. The camera in the upper right is an Argus C3, also known as “The Brick.” It was the first 35mm camera I owned compliments of my father passing it on to me after he received a SLR as a gift. To the right of that is a GE light meter that I still own. This slice of time that I photographed is the memory of my father.

*I am a day late in posting because we had Wi-Fi connection issues upon our arrival in Boise, Idaho.

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