Day Forty-four: The Streets

Seattle Street People This is a tough one to publish. I strive to present an image, whether here in the United States, or over in China, of daily life as I see it, without seeking out the extremes that are common in street photography, the destitute and the handicapped being the most common examples.And here I am with a picture of exactly that. During this week back in Seattle, I have looked to shoot things that are iconic Seattle, in my opinion: street musicians, the public market, public transportation and smoke shops. And now the unavoidable and all too common in Seattle, Homeless. Walking around Seattle this week, day and night, in rain and in sun, I have encountered more cardboard sign people than I have seen in China in four months. Here, in the heart of Downtown Seattle, against the backdrop of affluence, people struggle to eat, to find shelter, and in far, far too many cases, to find mental health care. You can find them on every street corner, avoiding eye contact staring into the blue.

2 thoughts on “Day Forty-four: The Streets

  1. Thom, makes me wonder though if in China, the mentally ill are largely institutionalized. It seems that so much homelessness is related to at least some level of mental illness. Whether it is manifested in homelessness, gun violence, drug addiction or other misery, we in the U.S. need to come to grips. Enjoying your posts, my friend.

  2. Denny, Not only is institutionalization a possibility, but the entire concept of “face” leads me to beloved that families may forcibly restrain, at home, mentally ill family members. Walking past the Federal Courthouse in Seattle I passed 6 people in a one block span, all were exhibiting signs of homelessness and mental illness. A sad situation to be sure.

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