Spring Festival Migration

Spring Festival_Hongquia Railway-3557The media in China covers “the largest migration in human history,” aka Chinese New Year, aka Spring Festival, in the same way that American media covers Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday travel in the USA; lots of statistics are cited, pictures of massive crowds on the roads, at airports and, primarily, at railway stations, China’s preferred method of travel. Ever the skeptic, I headed out to the largest of Shanghai’s three railway stations to see what all the fuss was about.
Make no mistake, there are a lot of people travelling, but despite the large number of travellers–the Railway station is reportedly averaging 165,000 +/- people per day–it was surprisingly organized and somewhat relaxed. Keep in mind that I witnessed only the beginning of the journey, in many cases people will be travelling multiple days by trains, buses and boats to reach home before the Year of the Horse is welcomed on  Friday, January 31, 2014.— at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.

One thought on “Spring Festival Migration

  1. If you are looking for chaos then you went to the wrong station. The station in the picture is the newest railway station in Shanghai. Pay a visit to “新客站” and you will find the chaos.

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