2013 in Review; The Year of the Snake

What a year!

Some years seem to come and go with with nothing more than another candle on the cake ; maybe it is middle age, maybe it is the comfort of two kids, a dog and a 30-year mortgage, or maybe it is just me not paying attention. Those are good years to be sure, our children are another year older and hopefully wiser as the world unfolds before them, Melinda and I are another year deeper into a beautiful marriage of love and hope and dreams and our families and friends continue to grow in love and support for each other. Yet they are uneventful in terms of milestones, events and happenings; they are peaceful passings, meandering from one year to the next with the comfort of the familiar.

James celebrating New Years in Times Square

James celebrating New Years in Times Square

And then there is 2013.

We rang in 2013 right from the heart of New Year’s Eve, Times Square in New York City! Ball drop, ticker tape, millions of people, the whole crazy thing. A fitting start to this year. From NYC we hopped a bus to D.C. for the second Inauguration of Barack Obama;

Ticket to the Presidential Inauguration

Ticket to the Presidential Inauguration

four years earlier I’d never attended a presidential inauguration and now here I was at my second; cold, crowds and lots of energy, we escaped the end of event crush of humanity by slipping into the National Gallery of Art. And then my phone rang; mom died. Relief and tears. Not unexpected, not even unwanted this escape from Alzheimer’s, but that doesn’t stop the tears, the loss, the alone.

The Atlantis in the Bahamas

The Atlantis in the Bahamas

After a brief but warm stay in the Bahamas we returned to Seattle still missing New York. Restless, we moved downtown, on the bay to gaze at ships and mountains and fog and rain.

And sunsets, oh those spectacular sunsets!

Sunset in Seattle

Sunset in Seattle

Buy a house in Boise, drive down and load it up. Good thing we downsized from 2100 to 825 square feet in Seattle, lots of stuff for Boise. Too much.

A Spring Break trip to chase the Mets in Florida, and time with Gene before we NYCwent home. More time in NYC as I returned for mom’s final farewell–a funeral mass and burial; she’s back with her husband and daughter. Finally. If the truth be told, it’s where she’s wanted to be for a long, long time. This times the tears hurt more, these cries are for forever.

Florida again. Tampa in summertime, visits with Gene and walking the strip at Clearwater Beach.

Sunset on Clearwater Beach, FL.

Sunset on Clearwater Beach, FL.

Dallas was in here somewhere. Catch-up time with a high school pal, twenty-five years compressed: dinner, baseball and the Grassy Knoll.  Bang! Just like that 50 years are passed.Dallas (3 of 9)

Back in Seattle planning for the next big thing.

Another trip to Florida, unplanned; Gene: age, illness, responsibility. Inevitability.

San Francisco. Twenty-five years married. To the same person. And she hasn’t left. Good years, very good years. And more to come.

Fog shrouds the Golden Gate Bridge

Fog shrouds the Golden Gate Bridge

A couple of there and back trips to Idaho: visits with friends and goodbyes.

  • More moving prep.
  • Always more moving prep.
  • Paperwork, passports, packing, puppy adoption.
  • Last trip to Boise.
  • Son off to campus.
  • Air container packed and shipped.
  • Light rail to SeaTac. Delta to Shanghai.
The Gate of Heavenly Peace, Beijing, China

The Gate of Heavenly Peace, Beijing, China

We live in China.

Holy Crap!

We live in China!

Extended hotel living made easier by being five-star. And free.

Beijing. Great Wall. Tiananmen Square. Forbidden City.

Beijing metro rush hour metro rides.

Holy crap, I live in China!

One more move: hotel to apartment. This is it; I’m done, not moving again! (I started saying this back in 1993).

River traffic, ferries dodging barges, fireworks, crazy-ass traffic, suicide bike rides, people, people everywhere and no one looks like me. And it’s not a bad thing. At all.20131119-IMG_5742

2014: The Year of the Horse. A year of good fortune.

A baby to be born.

A girl.

A granddaughter.

This time they are happy tears.

7 thoughts on “2013 in Review; The Year of the Snake

  1. You’re going to be a grandfather? Congratulations!!!!
    Happy New Year to you and Melinda.
    Billy (the High School Pal on the grassy knoll) and Sue

    • Billy, Happy New Year! Hope you, Sue and the kids have a great year ahead. Yes, our daughter is due in early May. How did I get old enough for this?

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