Shanghai Hudec

I am a city boy at heart and as much as I enjoy a hike to a trout creek in the mountains, the simple truth is I like buildings, they’re in my blood. I like wandering around and discovering them, the classic buildings, sometimes obscured by the generic. Although “discovering” is probably the wrong word, since I can no more discover a building that has been around since 1934 than Columbus can discover a land that has been inhabited for eons. That technicality aside, I am enjoying the architecture of Shanghai. I also like to wander around the internet and uncover some of the hidden gems that are out there in the tubes among the flotsam and jetsam. One such site is Shanghai Street Stories a well made website rich in stories, pictures and personality. Through this site I learned of a book on Laszlo Hudec the architect that designed Shanghai’s famous Park Hotel, a building I have been admiring since I took my first walk through People’s Park. Hudec-0002
I went to the state-run. seven-story Foreign Language Bookstore in search of this book, but I was hopelessly overwhelmed by the language barrier and the sheer volume of printed materials. That night on a grocery run to the western-style City Shop in Pudong, I was glancing through the wall of overpriced western magazines when I spied the unique green cover of the book I’d been seeking: Shanghai Hudec. (I paid the list price, not the discounted Amazon price). The book organizes 30 buildings, of the more than 100 that he built, into 6 geographic zones (A-G). Yesterday, on the way to and from my chiropractor, I visited three of his most famous buildings; Moore Memorial Church, Grand Theatre and Park Hotel.

The other five zones will provide me with opportunities for future bike rides.


More pictures can be found at Shanghai Lens.

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