Final days living in the US-What will I miss the most?

Melinda reflects on what is ending and what is beginning.

Seattle to Shanghai and Beyond

As I watch Monday Night Football, I’m reflecting on the changes that lay ahead with my move on Friday to China.  I’m wondering what I’ll miss the most besides the obvious-family & puppy.  I’ve been really appreciating tap water and milk since both are questionable in China.  Limited TV choices may not be a bad thing since Thom feels I rot my brain with some of my reality TV choices or my guilty pleasures as I call them.   

I originally thought great coffee would be hard to find but there are coffee shops on every corner-Starbucks, Costa, Gloria Jean’s, Coffee Bean, etc.  Very happy that the coffee bean reigns supreme even in China! 

Food is going to be an issue even though everyone thinks the food in China is delicious but after two bouts of sickness last trip, one ending with an unfortunate episode into a potted plant at Shanghai airport…

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