Paradise Lost

Apt hunting

We lost our apartment. Well, it wasn’t ours, but it was the one we wanted. The landlord rented it to someone else while we were waiting for Melinda’s company to approve the lease, so now we start over. Melinda is working in Shanghai, this week, so as soon as she found out that we weren’t going to be moving into the Lakeville Regency she called Isabela, our leasing agent, and looked at four apartments; 1 we had seen previously, in the Former French Concession, and the other three in new buildings and new locations. Two of the new properties are in the Pudong section of Shanghai, on the east side of the Hung Pu river, in the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone,site of the Shanghai Stock Eschange and the Oriental Pearl Tower. Twenty-six years ago Pudong was farmland, across from the Bund and the historic center of Shanghai. Pudong is sometimes derisively known as “PuJersey” because of its sprawling suburbs catering to Expats farther to the east and south. While initially not on our radar, it offers a lot of room for the money (almost three times as large as our current apartment in Seattle), views of the river and the Bund and walking distance to Melinda’s likely office (location on that is still vague). It will require a taxi ride or metro trip to reach Xintiandi and the Former French Concession, but the health club facilities, pools, park-like grounds and spacious apartments make it a good place to live. We’ve prioritized the apartments from 1 thru 4 and we’ll see which we are able to secure. More to follow.

Zai jian

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